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welcome to our website

welcome to our website

At The Headstone Centre we can produce a headstone for your loved one in a choice of different materials that can suit all budgets. Granite is one of the most popular stones, often chosen for its’ longevity. A marble headstone is also a good choice, and before the 1920’s was used almost exclusively, for its’ beauty and for the fact that it is an easier stone to work with using the tools available at the time. However, a marble headstone does have a tendency to suffer from weather conditions, and over many decades will begin to wear away. Granite grave markers can hold their own against weathering, pollution, and in seaside areas salt, and you will see granite grave headstones that are 100 years old and still as good as the day they were erected.

There are several different styles of grave headstones in addition to the upright tablet that stands out of the ground. These markers are often secured to a concrete or granite base. Flat markers – sometimes called grass markers – lie flat on the ground at the head of the grave flush with the grass. A similar marker is a bevel marker which arises around eight inches out of the ground at the head of the grave. Then there are slant gravestones which are about 18” high and sit on the ground, with the front of the stone angled backwards, creating a wedge effect.

There are also ledger slabs which are a thick piece of – usually – marble or granite which cover the whole grave and may be used in conjunction with an upright headstone. Yet another type of gravestone are book headstones. These are often used where two people are sharing a grave and resemble an open book. Book headstones can then have an inscription on one open “page” for one of the people buried there and a second inscription on the other page for the other person. A book headstone can also be used for one person in a closed book form.

The Headstone Centre can produce a headstone or grave marker in any material or shape that you wish.

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With over 20 years experience in producing Memorials from standard shapes and sizes to total bespoke one offs.

We use only the finest quality materials and offer a personal, tailor-made service to guide you through what can be a difficult decision in choosing a Memorial, we will help you through this sensitive process to make sure you get what you want while conforming to the various Cemetery rules and regulations, our aim is to make this as painless as possible helping you and your loved ones in creating a fitting tribute that will be treasured for many years to come.

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