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A bespoke headstone is something that has great significance to the family of a loved one and is not something that needs to be rushed. To begin with, some cemeteries and churchyards require a period of three months to pass in order to allow for settlement of the soil after a burial, although some do provide a concrete strip.

carved thistle headstone

The Thistle headstone

Motorbike Headstone

Bespoke Motorbike Headstone

What is quite a good idea is to take a walk around some cemeteries and look at the headstones there to get some inspiration. You might see an angel headstone that appeals to you or see the different colours of granite headstones that you like. We would encourage you to take photographs of anything that you like and let us know if you would want something similar. We can produce any type of headstone such as small baby headstones and similar cremation headstones. A bespoke cremation grave stone is only marking the site where the ashes are buried, and of course a baby grave is only small as well.

Your chosen headstone can be made from a wide range of different materials including granite which is very popular. It is the least expensive stone because it is easy to obtain, but it is also very hardwearing indeed and it is available in a range of colours including Light Grey, Dark Grey, Green, Browns and Blues, Granite is extremely long-lasting and needs virtually no maintenance.

Star Shaped Headstone

Large Star Headstone


You should note that cemeteries have a variety of different rules on what they will and will not accept. Some won’t permit certain types of stone and may also have limits on the size of a headstone. Some insist on granite being used in order to keep a semblance of similarity to the cemetery. However, within the limits of what is allowed, the Headstone Centre can produce any memorial that you wish.  

Bespoke Football Headstone

Large Angel Hearts.jpg
Lighthouse Headstone
Butterfly .jpg
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