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On this page, you will find more examples of unique designs and headstones we have created.

The memorial we have created

These are examples of the bespoke gravestones that we have created for customers.


If you click through these photos, you will find examples of designs we have created on our headstones. Any design can be created and you can tell us your ideas and we will create it for you.

Ochil Hills Headstone Design

Ochil Hills Headstone Design

Ochil Hill hand drawn Headstone Design by us, The Headstone Centre


Campervan on loch lomond headstone

campervan on loch lomond design created by us, The Headstone Centre


Carron Valley Fishery Headstone

Carron Fishery Hand drawn on a headstone created by us, The Headstone Centre


Wallace monument headstone Design

Wallace monument in Stirling hand drawn on a headstone created by us, The Headstone Centre


Bagpiper on a Headstone

Bag piper on a headstone hand drawn by us, The Headstone Centre


Dog headstone design

Dog headstone design created by us, The Headstone Centre


Wallace monument and Stirling Castle

Wallace Monument and Stirling castle design on a headstone Created by us, The Headstone Centre


Last Supper Headstone Design

Last Supper Headstone Design Laser Etched by us, The Headstone Centre


Motorbike Headstone Design

Motorbike Headstone Laser Etching created by us, The Headstone Centre

Our Workshop and Display

Headstone Display

Here you will find photos of our display at our workshop, we are constantly adding to our display to show the wide range of gravestones we can provide for you. Come visit us if you like and have a look around.

Headstone centre display

All of the gravestones you see on our display are available for sale straight away, you can find these on our Special Offers page. If you see a gravestone you like in our display but would like it in a different colour or size, let us know, These are just examples and all our display stones are available in every colour and size.

Refacing old headstones

We have all the necessary machinery in our workshop to carry out all the work required for making headstones. Should you need an old headstone inscription changed we can reface a headstone to a polished finish and engrave your new inscription for you. 

In this image we are guilding a cross design on a headstone with 23.5 carat gold leaf.

Guilding headstones
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