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Purchasing Information
  • Have a look around our website and get an idea of the type of stone you like and think about the size, granite type and shape.

  • Our Buying guide can help with this too.

  • Think about any additions you may be interested in like ceramic photos, vases etc.

  • When you have made a decision, we can give you a price quote (this doesn’t include the cemetery permit fee)

  • Once you confirm your order and pay a 50% deposit we will then send you a confirmation email which will include a drawing of your chosen stone with the wording and designs for your approval.  We will include information regarding your cemetery permit and costs, an invoice, a receipt and an estimated completion date.

  • Please double check the drawing very carefully to ensure it is exactly what you have asked for and contact us if there are any discrepancies.  If you are totally satisfied that everything is correct please send us your signed and dated approval along with the payment of the permit fee. 

  • We will let you know if you need to send us Title deeds and/or a signed cemetery permit form.

  • At this point, now all the paperwork is received we will start the process of making your chosen headstone/memorial.

  • When we are at the inscription stage we will send you a drawing to check and approve again - please take care to look very carefully at all the details ensuring everything is correct including names and dates as once these are inscribed they cannot be changed easily.

  • When we have your final approval and confirmation we will complete the headstone/memorial and send you a picture.

  • The final balance of 50% of the cost is now due. When this has been paid we can organise for your stone to be erected.

  • Once we have completely finished the installation of your headstone/memorial we will contact you to let you know.  We will also arrange the return of any title deeds, pictures or any other information you have supplied us with by recorded delivery. If you have taken out insurance we will also send out your insurance certificate