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Our Buying Guide

We thought we would give you some information and pointers which we have based on our experience with previous customers.  We hope this will help you with the hard and most important decisions of buying a headstone/memorial for your loved one.

Think of your wording/inscription first…. this determines the size of stone you would need.  The sizes below give you a guide to how many lines of wording you can have on the stone: -


  • 2ft 6” high headstone – 2 inscriptions 

  • 2ft 10” – 3ft high headstone - 3 inscriptions 

  • 3ft 6” high headstone - 4 inscriptions 

  • The above is just an estimate and if unsure we can provide a scale draft for you, we are here to help and can give you as much advice as possible so please don’t hesitate to ask.


Next up is colour….


We have examples of colour to view on our Granite types page.  This is as close to the real thing as possible online, however, if you can’t decide please just let us know and we can send a sample to you.

Then think about the colour of the lettering/inscription

When deciding on the colour of the wording we would advise you to choose a contrasting colour to the stone i.e. if you have chosen a dark stone like Star Galaxy we would suggest silver writing or if you have chosen a light-coloured stone such as light grey, then black wording would stand out best.

Earth Pink.jpg
Tropical Green.jpg
Brits Grey.jpg

These are some suggestions that we think look good: -

Black/ Star Galaxy – Gold, Silver, White, and any light colour

Blue Pearl/ Emerald Pearl – Gold, White

Butterfly Blue/ Vizag Blue – Gold, Silver, White

Ruby Red – Tropical Green – Gold, Silver, White

Pearl White – Black

Light Grey - Black

Now for the wording  

From our experience, this is the part that everyone struggles with the most, therefore, it is so important for you to spend time thinking about it and getting it just right.  If you are in any doubt about any wording we can of course help you with this. …. you can always add wording at a later date but it is extremely difficult to change wording once it is engraved, not to mention costly

Also, think about how much space if any you want to leave for later additional inscriptions.

Then you need to think about if you would like a Design or not?

We can do all sorts of designs and you can see some of our previous work in the Gallery…if you can’t see anything you like or if you have a particular personal design in mind, just ask us, we can do almost anything!  We can advise you on what designs look best with what granite and much more.

No hidden costs! 
We like to be upfront about what is included in the price and what is an extra cost.

We want to let you know exactly what you are paying for and keep it straightforward for everyone.

What we include in the price: -


The headstone/memorial


Lettering Unlimited


Standard Designs


Flower vases in the base of the headstone/memorial if required.


Erecting within our catchment area (we can organise erection out with our catchment area at an extra cost,  Please advise on location.


The cost of the cemetery fees is dependent on what the council charges in the area where the headstone/memorial is to be erected. These vary from £0 to £600 so please contact your local council or if you prefer we can do this for you. You can find out this information on our cemetery fee page.

What’s not Included

Photo Ceramics


Bespoke designs


Headstone Insurance - Provided by Stoneguard and a typical example would be £63 for five years cover for a Headstone valued at £1000.


If you need any more information to help you no matter how big or small please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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