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At the Headstone Centre we undertake all forms of cleaning and restoration of headstones. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to prevent degradation and damage to a headstone in an open cemetery. Vandalism is one thing that can cause damage, but quite often tree limbs can fall from a height and smash marble headstones, and there are cases where a car has crashed through a fence and demolished a row of them. Heavy lawnmowers are another cause, smashing into the base of a headstone every time the grass is cut.

The question with a damaged gravestone is always can it be repaired? Sometimes the damage is so severe that it cannot, but modern epoxies that have evolved mean that we can now repair and restore many headstones. However, we need to inspect the broken parts and where they are broken, together with identifying the type of stone before headstone restoration can be carried out.


We offer a full restoration service from re-erecting, repainting and cleaning.

Below are some Headstones we have recently worked on.