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Our headstone designs can incorporate anything that you wish within the limits of what the cemetery permits. Many people equate the countryside with peace and therefore ask for country scenes with trees and perhaps flowers. Another symbol of peace, of course is the dove, and a pair of doves nesting in a tree is another of the ideas that people incorporate.

Of course, we can install photographs of any description on a headstone, so you might have an old photograph of your mother holding you as a baby which you would like to include, or perhaps a photograph of her doing something that she enjoyed or on a holiday somewhere. What you need is something that evokes that special memory of your loved one.

Headstone designs are often chosen to reflect a personality or interest of the person whose life they are commemorating, so if the loved one enjoyed being in the countryside you might select a picture of a mountain or a lake to make a stunning background to whatever inscription you wish to include.

We offer many design options to personalise your headstone from carved designs to laser etching, to full coloured designs, so anything is possible, if you have an idea please just ask.